A passionate visual artist, photographer, videographer, and sound engineer who dedicates his talents to capturing the essence of culture, music, and fashion. His journey began in the 80s, in a state that played a pivotal role in the modern civil rights movement. Born to a mother whose heart and spirit radiate love, and a father endowed with powerful faith and wisdom from above. Jonathan is a product of remarkable family roots.

Jonathan's educational path was shaped by the mentorship and guidance of exceptional professors and leaders at The Piney Woods School and Alabama State University. These institutions fostered his growth as an advocate of style, nurturing his creative vision under the guidance of brilliant minds and compassionate hearts.

Jonathan's legacy includes his pioneering work and alumni status at Beats by Dr. Dre (now Apple), where he left an indelible mark. He collaborated closely with the Chief Marketing Officer and the iconic Dr. Dre himself, notably for the groundbreaking "Straight Out of Compton" campaign. This campaign catapulted him as a creative and solidified his reputation as a visionary in the field.

Jonathan Taylor is not only a gifted visual artist but also a staunch advocate for enhancing Black culture, entrepreneurship, and brands. His active involvement, with events like Black Market Flea, showcases his creative prowess in celebrating Black culture and amplifying its rich history and innovation. His artistry extends to championing Black-owned businesses, using his platform to tell their stories, contributing to a more inclusive future, and driving positive change within the Black community and beyond.